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Error during upgrade of IBM installation manager 1.1.1 to 1.3

This happens when I try to upgrade to IIM 1.3 for installation RAD products.

354 INFO 03:17.17 All 322 files were successfully downloaded and their integrity verified.
355 INFO 03:25.11 com.ibm.sdp.eclipse.ide: 352 installable units
com.ibm.cic.agent.nativeFixup.installContext: 2 installable units
356 INFO 03:25.12 Performing "initialize" phase
357 INFO 03:25.12 Elapsed time 00:00.00 for: Performing "initialize" phase
358 INFO 03:25.12 Performing "pre-install configure" phase
359 INFO 03:25.14 Elapsed time 00:00.01 for: Performing "pre-install configure" phase
360 INFO 03:25.14 Performing "pre-install" phase
361 INFO 03:25.15 Elapsed time 00:00.01 for: Performing "pre-install" phase
362 INFO 03:25.15 Performing "install" phase
363 INFO 03:25.98 Custom operation "iim protocol" in unit "com.ibm.cic.agent.win32.registry_iu" completed in 00:00.00, 100 per cent of estimate
364 INFO 03:27.11 Error occurred in phase: install
  SU: com.ibm.cic.agent.registry 1.1.1000.20080317_1735
  IU: com.ibm.cic.agent.win32.registry_iu 1.1.1000.20080317_1735->null
  Message: Unable to delete to registry entry: HKLM\Software\Classes\iim\shell\open\command\
365 INFO 03:27.11 Elapsed time 00:01.95 for: Performing "install" phase
366 ERROR 03:27.11 Unable to delete to registry entry: HKLM\Software\Classes\iim\shell\open\command\
367 ERROR 03:28.08 Unable to find custom install operation class "com.ibm.cic.agent.iim.protocol.IimProtocol" for installable unit: com.ibm.cic.agent.win32.registry_iu
  java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.ibm.cic.agent.iim.protocol.IimProtocol
368 INFO 03:32.45 Checking consistency of shared location C:\Program Files\IBM\Installation Manager\eclipse.
369 INFO 03:32.59 Elapsed time 00:00.14 for: Checking consistency of shared location C:\Program Files\IBM\Installation Manager\eclipse.
370 WARNING 03:32.59 Potential problems logged in diagnostic download log at file: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\IBM\Installation Manager\logs\DownloadExceptions\20090421_1651.xml
371 ERROR 03:32.67 Error during "install" phase:
  Unable to delete to registry entry: HKLM\Software\Classes\iim\shell\open\command\
372 INFO 03:32.67 Elapsed time 01:13.03 for: Updating com.ibm.cic.agent to features: agent_core,agent_jre
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1 Solution
Locked file? Last time I was seeing this with IBM upgrades was because some files were renaming locked... such as here http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/forums/thread.jspa?threadID=178314 (I know it is a different error but the workaround should be similar).

Never seen your exact error but never did this exact upgrade either.
Please double check the version of IBM Installation Manager.
I think that you are probably trying to go to 1.3, so I'm a bit confused by the details that you provided.

geminiabode74Author Commented:
thanks for your comments. Yes I was trying to go to 1.3
I tried downloading those fixes and try to patch it but every time I got the same error.
Also I did not want to uninstall the existing 1.1.1 as that would have meant I would have to uninstall
all the products I had earlier installed with it. So it was bit of a catch 22
Anyway I just gave a shot of installing fresh without uninstalling the earlier one and surprisingly
it worked !! Should have given it a shot much earlier. Anyway maybe this can help someone else struggling with similar issues. The real fix is though to fix the upgrade process to higher versions of IIM which fails miserably. Anyway for now I am ok and would like to close this issue.
ok, the important thing is that were able to resolve the issue.

Good luck & have a great day

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