Moving directories between servers & retaining file security permissions

I need to move around 60 GB of data from a NT server to a W2K3 server. what is the best utility to use which will retain the file security permissions already in place.
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oBdAConnect With a Mentor Commented:
robocopy.exe; the next best is robocopy.exe (part of the W2k3 Resource Kit,
You'll need the /copyall switch to copy the permissions.
Check robocopy.doc in the installation folder for details, it's a very useful tool and a very userful documentation. I've used to copy hundreds of GB without issues.

xcopy /O  
/O           Copies file ownership and ACL information.
Oh, and just in case you don't like the command line or are overwhelmed with its features, here are GUI wrappers for robocopy:
RoboCopy GUI

Utility Spotlight Robocopy GUI
robocopy is the way to go.
robocopy.exe c:\source d:\destination /Z /E /SEC /R:3 /w:3
--> the /SEC copies over the security
the beauty of robocopy is that you can use it to synchronize after the first copy as well- so you can make a copy now, then run it a few more times to make sure both directories are identical (you could use the /mir switch).  then, when it is time to do the actual cut-over, you do a last synchronization, then cut over.  there are hundreds of switches - that allow you to do whatever you want with it.  
My only caution is to test it first, because if you mess up the order (source destination), you can blow your data away in a second.  
saliyamAuthor Commented:
Thanks. It worked great.
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