where and how do I find international flyt booking and resrvation software?

I am running a small business company as travel agent. Im looking international flight booking and reservation software.  I want to work as independent travel agent who can book and reserve any international airline around the world.  Most of my customers travel to Africa, Middle East, Asia and North America. I will appreciate for your answers.

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Ardhendu SarangiConnect With a Mentor Sr. Project ManagerCommented:
Check this out  - http://www.reslogic.com/

or this -
Currently the hottest selling online travel reservation software is called Gilboa by Galor. Galor is one of the older travel agent management system producers. What makes Galors software so special is that it can interface with all of the Global Distribution Systems like Sabre, Amadeus, WorldSpan, and Galileo.


Ardhendu SarangiSr. Project ManagerCommented:
You can use expedia.com, travelocity.com or many other sites for this. This is not the right forum to ask this question.

- Ardhendu

<<I agree with Ardhendu about this not being the right zone to ask the question. I therefore added Software: Industry Specific and Software: Miscellaneous zones to the question.  byundt--Microsoft Excel Zone Advisor>>
Ardhendu SarangiSr. Project ManagerCommented:
Please close this question if you are done with your research.
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