Can not import SSL certificate into Internet Explorer 7

I had Windows XP Pro SP3 and Internet Explorer 7, now IE8.  I access an https site and receive Certificate Error.  I view certificate and perform manual installation into Trusted Root Certification Authority.  I get "Import was Successful".  Upon review, I see the certificate does NOT actually appear. I tried importing usung the mmc & Certificates snap-in.  Again, no success despite the Import was Successful notice.  When accessing Internet Options/Content Tab, a yellow bar says "some settings are managed by your system administrator".  I searched the web over and thought I found true love.... back up... and found copious pages suggesting  ""Security Zones: Use only machine settings" Group Policy setting is enabled" and Security_HKLM_only DWORD value is set to 1.

I did find Security_HKLM_only DWORD value set to 1, but when setting it to 0 and even removing it, I get access to the security settings but it makes no changes to the Content tab.

Grasping for straws, I upgraded to IE version 8.  No Change.

One snippet I found says, "If the Security Zones: Use only machine settings setting is not enabled in Group Policy, or if the Security_HKLM_only DWORD value does not exist or is set to 0, computer settings are used together with user settings. However, only user settings appear in the Internet Options. For example, when this DWORD value does not exist or is set to 0, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE settings are read together with HKEY_CURRENT_USER settings, but only HKEY_CURRENT_USER settings appear in the Internet Options."

All that said, where else might I look?
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Steve BinkCommented:
>>> I import the certificate into the Trusted Root Certification Authority

It's not the certificate you need to import into the trusted root, it is the CA certificate of the signing server.  
Steve BinkCommented:
What is the certificate error you are receiving?

If this error is related to a self-signed certificate or a variety of other technical certificate issues (expiration, pre-valid, wrong CN, etc), you will always receive that warning.  If the error is because you don't have a certificate for the issuer, then you need to find the *issuer's* certificate, and import that.
rwickershamAuthor Commented:
Q: What is the certificate error you are receiving?
A:It is the usual error related to a self-signed certificate.

As a rule, when this error appears I import the certificate into the Trusted Root Certification Authority.  Please re-read the my initial post.

In this case, some configuration is preventing the importation of the certificate.
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