Mailbox rights - Permissions (Object Types)


Please help with an issue.

I am trying to add a security group (to enable access for multiple users) to a users mailbox through AD.

So basically what I do:

a) I do a search in AD Users & Computers and double-click on the desired users
b) click on exchange advanced
c) click on mailbox rights
d)Click on object types

There is no groups tick box?

Please see attached jpg.

Our environment consists of Windows Server 2003 and Exchange Server 2003.

Someone pls help.
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Well I checked before I posted and it wasn't available to me, so I presumed that it was a GUI limitation. I was able to add the group in by simply typing it in.

It actually is something I haven't really paid much attention to as I just type the group in and it works.

That is just a limitation of that Window. Ignore the selection for type and just type in the name of the group that you want to use.

janjsrAuthor Commented:
Thanks Mestha, my co-worker who is having the problem advised me that the group was available for selection yesterday... can you confirm that this is a limitation of WIndows Server?

Thanks for your respose.
janjsrAuthor Commented:
Mestha, yep thanks for confirming, I just confirmed with my staff that this is what the problem was.

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