All internal messages from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2007 no text just winmail.dat

We have just implemented an Exchange 2007 server into an organisation,  it is running in the same forest and will eventually be replacing one of the exchange 2003 server.  All users residing on the Exchange 2007 server receive internal emails (from Exchange 2003 users) with no text and just a winmail.dat attachment.  This happens with RTF or HTML,  all mail clients are Outlook 2007 SP1.  Plain text is received ok.    Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2007 users have no problems.   Only other issue is Free/Busy information is not being retrieved from any user.

Have checked everything I can, the messages are being routed through the routing group connector.   Exchange 2003 users receive all internal messages with no problems.  There is no problem with any mail received from outside the organisation. Just internal from 2003 users to 2007.

Have been going through this issue for the last day now, have done many migrations and never encountered this issue.   Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
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20x20Author Commented:
Have just worked out the issue!!!!!  we also have Policy Patrol for Exchange 2007.  The Office Manager changed one of the rules and it was fireing on internally sent messages incorrectly,  have disabled the rule and all ok now.   I did check this and thought it said all rules were not firing,  any way sorry for the bother.
Note: Usually this issue can cause due to multiple reason, Anitvirus, Network issue, Outlook Addins etc...

Basically to Troubleshoot on this kind of issue we need to follow few steps:

1) Install Archive sink on exchange 2003
How to install and use the Archive Sink utility in Exchange Server 2003

2) Enable Pipeline Tracing on exchange 2007
How to Enable Pipeline Tracing

3) send the email from e2k3 to e2k7

4) check the archive log files and check the difference where excatly the issue started

How exactly does mail flow from the 2003 to the 2007 server? Any specific configuration on the RGConnector?
What AV's are you running?
The Exchange categorizer encapsulates mails as Winmail.dat and It is the responsibility of clients to de-capsulate that message as HTML or RTF format.
Disable all AV's in the environment and then test to see what happens
This most probably is due to some third party application
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