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We're looking to set up a form on our website and foreward emails to people in the company based on the department used in the form. We don't want to make the addresses public.

As an example form:

Name: Dave Thompson
Department: Marketing

Subject: Testing

Message: This is a test to marketting

This would then send an email to a certain person in the Marketing department.
Is it possible to do this through exchange or is it really more of a function of the form?

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What server-side languages are available to use for the forms?  You can write some ASP/PHP code that knows where to send emails based on the department.  The actual email address doesn't have to be shown on the form or to the user at any point.
mmorgan28Author Commented:
Thanks for the response. I'll have to check with the web designer to see what he is using. Mainly just checking to see if this can be done on the exchange side. I know Exchange a little but couldn't think of a way to make this work through it.
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