How can I specify the path to a local printer when connecting via Secure Gateway?

We're using Citrix Secure Gateway for remote clients to connect to apps on our site. The clients are remote and not on our WAN. One of our applications needs to be able to refer to the printer it should use in it's config file (it's a POS application)  When running locally on a desktop, the app expects to be able to refer to a printer using it's windows name. When running over a network, it's expecting to be able to refer to a printer using  \\machine_name\printer_name type format. Given that each session via the web interface gets a unique WI_Rwwgobbledegook descriptor, is there a way I can do this?

The printer will be connected to one of the local ports on the machine.

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BLipmanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There are several ways to help with your situation.  Fiirst off, you can have the WI keep the original client name.  This is a security measeure though so you must weigh the positives and the negatives.  
You can also reference the redirection through ICA to the client via UNC like you are wanting.  If the printer is an LPT or COM device you can use net use with \\client\ and map it.  Here is a troubleshooting article on COM redirection:
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