fully external html outlook signature

Hi experts
is it possible to link somehow the external html little page-signature so staff around the world would just link the signature and if there are changes i do those changes at the HTML page
and of course all people who use this external html signature will have it updated as well!.
sign sample:


we have staff around the world and it is very paintfull for them to keep doing changes at the signature. (change links or pictures) if i only do this and all have the signature updated it would be cool!

thank you guys
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If you change the physical link or URL of the signature / image they will need to re-save it as their signature.
No way around that.
You can design and post the signature on a web page.
The users can then be referred to this site or location when there is a change.
But because signatures are stored locally they will have to manually copy it and paste it into outlook or replace the current signature file in \Application Data\Microsoft\Signatures.

There are applications which you can use to design a specific signature and deploy it using Active Directory.
But all users involved will need to be listed in AD.

If you have this capability, I would recommend eMailSignature
nzrubinAuthor Commented:
i created the signature html page

how do they can be referred to it?
i know that they can insert the html page that is located at the computer. but can they somehow reffer to this online page by pasting link somewhere?

i dont want to use the sugnature application cos the sign is the same for all of staff
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Actually, you might be able to do this.
Just open the webpage or link you created.
Then go to File>Save As>
Name its "Expo Sig"
Save type as Web Page Complete.
Then save it in
C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Microsoft\Signatures

Now in Outlook, go to Tools>Options>Mail Format>Signatures>
Choose Expo Sig as the Signature for New Mail Messages.

and test.

Should create the signature

Then change the signature and see if changes on the site affect the signature, it should.

Then all you have to do is deploy this Sig HTML file to the same location for all users.
Or I would just send them an email with instructions on how to add it.

nzrubinAuthor Commented:
hi apache09:
thank you for replies
i ve done as you said and i can see the signature at Tools>Options>Mail Format>Signatures>
and i selected it for a new messages

however when i open a new message in outlook there it doesnt appear there....

can you see the signature when YOU do it?
nzrubinAuthor Commented:
i can make an HTML signature that will web-connect to the pictures and when i change the pictures they will change at the signatures anywhere

but what if i want to change the link that picture has? if i do so other people who use this signature of course doesnt get the change
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