How can I have Outlook/Exchange leave messages unread after VZW has popped exchange account

Outlook 2007 is marking new messages in mailbox read after 5 minutes.  VZW is syncing every 5 mins.  It seems that VZW is causing new messages to be marked as read without user intervention.  Messages change before our very eyes.  Is there any way to configure the Motorola Que or the VZW service not to mark messages as read.  I created a dummy account, and rule that redirects mail to the real account that seems like a server based rule, cause it works with Outlook closed.  It doesn't show forwarded labels, cause it's redirected, but it seems like such a kluge.  Any ideas?
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If something is accessing the mailbox with POp3 then it will be marked as read. Doesn't matter what the client is. The only way to maintain read/unread status is to NOT use POP3 for access. Outlook will not be doing it is Outlook is configured to connect to an Exchange server (instead of POP3/IMAP) although I have seen AV software installed on the client mark the item as read as it "reads" it.

I am not familiar with either of those services, so I don't know if they support Exchange ActiveSync on the device, but if not then your only option is to change device to something that does.

bcphilcoAuthor Commented:
Thanks,  I suspected that was the problem.  In my research since my question, I've discovered that the MotoQ has built in Activesync that will allow it to talk directly with Exchange.  This would eliminate the need to use VZW intellisync service that marks msgs as read.
And with 3 iphones already talking to the server, I think the Server side setup is already done.
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