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How do I use "ftpget" to update the OEM.TGZ file in ESXi

Hello Experts,
I am trying to use FTPGET to copy a file from my FTP server internally on my LAN to an ESXi VMWare partition and I have been having a heck of a time since I am bad with command line. Can someone help me with exactly what I need to type to get a file called oem.tgz from the root share of my FTP server ( on my LAN? I am trying to implement the following instructions provided by 3Ware that allows ESX-i to be able to use their 9650 SATA Raid Controller:

Support for VMware ESXi 3.5 update 2 and update 3 is available in this KB article.

ESXi  is a leaner version of the ESXServer 3.5 which is targeted towards Embedded Systems Development.  

Secondary storage (i.e. non-booting) support is now available for the 9650SE/9690SA using these instructions:

1. Install VMware ESXi 3.5 update 2 or update 3 to a USB flash disk (or other non-3ware boot disk)
2. Boot up ESXi until the yellow screen appears.
3. Press alt-f1 to switch to virtual console 1.
4. Type 'unsupported', then press enter twice to get a shell prompt.
5. Copy oem.tgz (attached to this kb article) into the directory /bootbank using 'ftpget', 'ftpput'
   or from an NFS mount via the 'esxcfg-nas' command.
6. Type chmod 755 /bootbank/oem.tgz
7. Reboot
1 Solution
JohnnyD74Author Commented:
I gave up on this project in favor of replacing the controller.

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