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I connect to a remote client using Citrix, and have a number of apps published that I can access. I discovered that I could not copy between these apps(I do not need to be able to copy between my local machine and Citrix). Initially we doscovered that one app was on another server to the rest, so this was moved.

Whenvever I open more than one app (and allowing so time between opening each and allowing the first to fully open), we find that these are starting separate session IDs. As aprt of testing, the client has remotely logged in AS ME, but only gets a single sessionID when opening multiple apps (and can copy between). This leads us to believe that there must be something on my local PC that is causing this (but can't be sure) as they use my user credentials when testing (and ensuring they come in via the internet).

It should be noted that I connect to a number of other clients via Citrix as well (if that makes a difference)

Can anyone throw any light on how to force a single session for me.

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Kelvin SparksAsked:
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You must use Seamless Windowed sessions for the "Session Sharing" feature to work.  Try that out.  
Carl WebsterCommented:
All apps MUST be published with the same settings (resolution, color depth, encryption level, etc) AND the servers must not be reporting a Full Load when you attempt to start another app.  If this is S 4.5 or XenApp 5 for Server 2003, apply HRP4 and the Full Load test will be removed.
Kelvin SparksAuthor Commented:
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