Outdoor Installation of Wireless AP Linksys WAP2000

Hi friends !

I am working as System Administrator in an educational institute. To facilitate wireless to our users, our IT staff that is implementing wireless network has purchased some Linksys WAP2000 Wireless-G Access Points with Power Over Ethernet.

Now, they have mounted one such AP (with a casing to protect it from rain) at the height of about 50 meters on a very long tower. The tower is also located near to one end of our institute premise (Means the AP may radiate the signals on the road also. Please correct me if I am wrong.)

Please tell me&

Is it OK and professional to mount this model of AP to that height ? Will it work ?

What is the coverage of this AP ? If it is written that a particular AP can cover 40 meters of distance then is it radius 40 meters (covering 80 meters of circular area) or it is 20 meters (covering 40 meters of circular area).


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Unless you have students working on the roofs, then you probably don't need to have the AP up 50m, IMO.
Depending on the building layout, try 10m, and see how the signal strength looks for the area you'd like covered.

Also, if the AP has detachable antennas, I would suggest purchasing outdoor directional antennas to maximize the signal on campus, and minimize signal to "the road." Your coverage using the included antennas will vary based on if its an open area or there is lots of trees/ buildings and how many simultaneous users there are. I would image a 40m radius isn't unreasonable.
JatinHemantAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your comment.

***I would image a 40m radius isn't unreasonable.***

You mean to say that the AP can cover 40m radius (80m circular area) or NOT.

And you see, the network staff has placed this AP (in casing) on a tower (just like small radio tower, tv tower). And the buildings are about at 30m distance from this tower and they two stroyed only (means Ground Floor and Ist Floor). I mean even if Studnets work on Ist Floor (that is top floor in our case). They are working on nearly 15-20m height. (I think)

Please comment.


The AP can definitely cover the 30m open space up to the buildings, and can probably cover the classrooms closest to the radio without issue. It really does boil down to testing signal strength in the different classrooms. Try using Network Stumbler http://www.netstumbler.com/downloads/ to see the signal. You can also use it to test which wireless channel gives you the best signal (if you get interference at all further out.)

Just keep in mind too, if you have a lot of users connected at once (I'm guessing 80-100, it could be more or less), the signal range will drop.
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JatinHemantAuthor Commented:
Thanks !

But clerify again...
***The AP can definitely cover the 30m open space up to the buildings***

When you say 30m open space, what does it mean...!!! Is it:

30m Diameter (Covering cicular area of total 3.14*15*15, area of a circle)
30m  Radius (Covering circular area of total 3.14*30*30, area of a circle)

Sorry! It means 30m in any direction- so 30m radius. And you can probably get closer to 40m, even 50m radius. 30m is just a for sure, conservative range with A LOT of users simultaneously connected.

But test it for accurate results. ;-D
JatinHemantAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your support.

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