using 11.x.x.x subnet for vpn

Hi there,
im desining a dmvpn cisco tunnel and wanted to know if there is any harm in selecting 11.x.x.x subnet ? would this in any way effect or conflict with the public I.P's 11.x.x.x at all ?
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From a technical standpoint, nothing.  As long as it remains in the tunnel you are fine but it is simply bad practice.  There is plenty of private address space available to use.
You shouldn't use publicly registered address space that you don't "own".  You should use the RFC1918 address space:
nabeel92Author Commented:
hmm..ok i will change the subnet from 11.x.x.x to 10.0.5.x/24 ?
But just out of curiosity if i may ask, whats the downside if we use a public routable I.P in our tunnel ?
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