Selective lookup fields in Microsoft Dynamics CRm 4.0

I have in CRM 4.0, 3 types of pricing lists. I need when a user create a qoute and use lookup to allocate a price list, certain price lists only appear to him.
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Got you.

You can not do this with Pricelist  ( This is by design).

1.Think this way  You are a corporate
2. You have multiple  dealer
3. Dealer has customers
4. Product will be defined at corporate level
If this is correct

We had developed franchisor system ( For a magazine company). Which works  similar to this.

What we did was we created an entity called  RateList and RateListItem
Rate list item  is  related to ratelist.

Rate list can be defined by each dealer ( Franchisee for us)

Rate list  item is  similar as ( productpricelevel). This is related to rate list and product.

Create a relationship between Rate list and the quote.

Create a relationship betweenb quote and product .

when  you create a quote now.

1. set pricelist to default pricelist
2. When you create a quote product.  You should write plugin which gets rate from eaxct rate list and rate list item

I hope this helps

I hope this does not confuse you more.  I must say pricelist will npt help you

Rakesh Agarwal

Try this blog entry:
It is for CRM 3.0, but should apply to 4.0 as well.
If you're looking for a tool to make this job easier, try Filtered Lookup from Stunnware:

 As pricelist is organization level entity  You can not use security roles or you can not use filter

 This is by design.

 Are you going to create lot of pricelists.  Can you esplain more about it

Rakesh Agarwal
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Rudy_MBEgAuthor Commented:

We are the wholesaler of vehicles in Egypt. We need to add multiple price lists for the factory with start and end date. Multiple price lists for the dealers and multiple for the end customers.

I created an entity through which we buy vehicles from the factory. I need here to prevent the display of price lists from the wholesale or retail.

The same applies for the dealers and customers.

Best Regards,

Reda Hamdy
Note my earlier email.  The links provided to not rely on security roles.  We have implemented something like this for a number of clients, so we know it works.
Rudy_MBEgAuthor Commented:
Hi Crm Info,

I have read the blog and I will test it and return back to you with comments.

Best Regards,

Hi CRM_info

Sorry for dragging conversestion here

Can price list be hidden ?  


 This will be not applied in crm 4.0. I have tested this
Rudy_MBEgAuthor Commented:
Hi All,

Thank you for your great comments.

But I just thought about a different way to use it, can the pricelist be defined when he creates a new quote or order according to the start date and end date.

In other words, when the dealer is selling to a customer, can the retail price list be already loaded and the user cannot change it.

The same happens with wholesale but the price list will be the wholesale price

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