How to Upstream the HTTP Traffic to upstream proxy and leave the HTTPS Directly

Dear All,
We need to send all the HTTP Traffic from ISA 2004 to another Upstream Proxy Server.
where for HTTPS, we dont send it to the Upstream Proxy
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I think you just just need to create 2 rules for it - one that listens to HTTP and one that listens to HTTPS.
try to create a rule for all http traffic to be redirected to the proxy server.
Place that rule first.
Leave the https rule as is
Malek_Al-AdwanAuthor Commented:
Dear All,
We are using MS ISA 2004,  with SP3

All the users are requesting the Proxy on Port 8080 for both HTTP & HTTPS,
Our need is to send the HTTP trafic to an upstream Proxy,
and retrieve the HTTPS Traffic Directly from the Internet.

Thx & Regards,
Malek Al Adwan
As this is outgoing traffic I don't really see an option in ISA for this. Perhaps you can use IE proxy scripts to configure your clients (they are fairly flexible and can deal with things the IE interface can not deal with).
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