How to map a drive based only on OU membership


First, I am hopeless with writing logon scripts, but I know how to implement them  :-)

Can anyone point me to a vbs script that I can use to map a network drive based on a user's OU membership only?

Basically, OU1 users map to \\server\share1, OU2 users map to \\server\share2, OU3 users map to \\server\share3 etc etc

Also, I need the script to map another drive so all users get access to a common share  - eg \\server\public

Any help/code is much appreciated and it would be cool if this could be done in one script  :-)
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AmericomConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can map drive based on OU by creating a logon GPO and link to the OU where the users are. If you have 10 departments with 10 OUs, you would need 10 GPOs. If you have another 50 drives to map to cross-department shares, you would need 50GPOs...If those OUs are not in parallel but nested from each other by locations and department etc, you would have to worry and troubleshoot  inhertance and block inheritance etc. Hight Maintenance....the more GPOs you have the slower it will be during logon and GPO takes up space on your SYSVOL. Generally you would map drives based on group membership and not OU, this way it would be much more flexible, scalable, and managable.
JamieD71Author Commented:
Thanks for both responses.  I think, given the simple structure of our AD at the moment, I shall map based on OU.  This is more time based contraints than enything else.  Will be looking at group based mapping afterwards...
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