How to reduce fan speed / noise on a HP DL360 G5

Hello experts,

I have installed a HP DL360 G5  racke server at a client site. the bay is a room that they use for meetings. And the server is a bit noisy for them. Haven't find where I could reduce fan speed to get it quiet. Os is win 2008. I installed HP proliant essential. I can see temperatures etc, but haven't find a way to configure anything.


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aleghartConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Think of it this way:  would you disable the radiator fan under the hood of your car just because it sounds noisy?

Nope.  Simple solution: Don't run the car indoors.

Heat sinks (the radiator) can exchange only so much head without the assistance of air movement, by driving or with a supplemental fan.

You have three choices:

1. Move the meetings.
2. Move the server.
3. Control the sound:
 a. Put it in an insulated enclosure.
 b. Ensure proper airflow
 c. Lower the intake air temperature (the room) to less than 72F.

#1 is usually the cheapest.  Pick up all the furniture and move it into another room.  May take a few hours or a weekend, but you'd be surprised how many people ignore this option.  Keep in mind that the new occupants of the room inhabited by the server will be subjected to a constant level of noise.  Not ideal for knowledge workers.  Fine for a copy room, as long as you keep the temperature and humidity under control.

#2 is simple.  For the lowest budget move, you need a battery backup for the server, and one or two network cable drops.  $500-900.  Cheaper if you have the UPS and do the wiring yourself.

#3 will avoid any relocation, and will make the meeting room look a little neater, and high-tech.  See: $600-2,500 from 4u to 25u.  Another product is AcoustiRack from  A rack in the room takes less space than building a closet.  A closet may require additional HVAC or exhaust fans.  Fire/smoke detectors.  Permits.

Ken FayalCTOCommented:
That's the way those servers are.  You don't want to turn off the fans unless you want to shorten the life of the server.  The fans are temperature controlled.  So the warmer it is, the faster they spin.  If you can get the room cooler, it may help a little, but I think it was a bad idea to put the server in a meeting room.
beproductivAuthor Commented:
That's where all network is as well as the phone lines, PABX etc... they started small with only a small ML110. So it's the only place really.

I was wondering if there was some settings somewhere maybe to get them to spin slower. I guessed it was temperature controled somehow. I'll talk about cooling so room maybe.
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beproductivAuthor Commented:
Actually the server is in a 42U rack with PSU, NAS, switches etc... everything is very neat.

Nobody works full time in the room, but they use it from time to time for meetings. But in fact it's the only closed room they have, it's openspace everywhere else.

Thanks for your input, I'll try to get them to cool the room or the rack.
If the NAS, switches, and other equipment are not objectionable, then you can isolate just the noisy equipment.  A 4u sound-insulated cabinet for $600 is probably cheaper than a visit from your HVAC contractor.

Even dropping the ambient temp to 68F will not shut down all the chassis fans and the PSU fans in the server.  Waste of electricity at that point.

Best of luck with the project.
beproductivAuthor Commented:
I guess I'll just let them get used to the noise ;) Not THAT loud anyway.
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