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I finish creating a new win2k3 server and promoted it as the GC and main DC. The server is on another location and now when I'm using remote desktop to create a new account, it's giving me the password complexity popup. I'm logged on using the administrator account and have made the password so complex and it still doesn't work. I tried to check the password complexity settings in the GPO and nothing is defined...what can I do to troubleshoot this?

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Brian PiercePhotographerCommented:
Which GPO?

To modify the Password Policy on the domain, Click START->Programs->Administrative Tools->Domain Security Policy Expand Account Policies->Password Policy

If Password Must Meet Complexity Requirements is set the at leat 3 of the following must be true

At least one letter A-Z
At least one letter a-z
At least one number 0 - 9
At least one character that is neither a letter or a number

BTW you can only have ONE complexity setting for the Entire DOMAIN.
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