VMware Disk Resise

I have resised a virtual disk within one of our virtual machines (system Drive)
And now have the remaining partition of the disk left unallocated.

Is there any way of removing this and giving it back to our SAN storage?

We are using ESX server 3.5
Many thanks
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Ok, so you decreased the partition of the os, but not the vmware disk itself (vmdk)?
As far as it's not possible to decrease the space of an vmdk file (imho), you can create a new vmdk file of 20GB with the Virtual Infrastructure tool, attach it as a second hard drive to the VM and then backup the system partition C: with a tool like ghost. If you have recovered and booted this backup-image on the second hard drive successfully, you can detach and delete the first hard drive with 80GB.

do i understand it right, that you decreased the space of the vmware virtual disk, which was used by the system partition (root) of the guest system? Which space is the one, you mean that is left now and should be given back to the SAN?
moneyfactsAuthor Commented:
I don't quite understand the last bit you said there.

Basically the System disk (C:) was 80GB ive now shrunk it to 20GB but now have a 60GB unallocated partion left which I want to give back to the SAN.

Any ideas?
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