Aix 5.3 How to Check for Mirrored Drives after Restore

I just restored my 'rootvg' from a mksysb backup and my other volume via the smit sb_restore command. My source and target servers for my restore are mirror images of one  and other and are used for DR purposes. Anyway my source server had both of these drives mirrored. After I restored both volumes on my target how can I tell if they are automaticlly mirroed once again? how can I check for this? ALso how would I mirror a hard drive if need be?
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woolmilkporcConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi again,
to check whether there is mirroring display the logical volumes in the VG by issuing
lsvg -l [vgname]
The third and fourth columns indicate logical (LP) and physical (PP) partitions. With mirroring, each logical partition is mapped to two or three physical partitions. So, if you see (per logical volume line) the same value in the third and fourth columns, there is no mirroring. Should you see twice (or even three times) the value of the third column appearing in the fourth column, there is mirroring.
Note -  Within a VG, mirroring is done on a logical volume basis, not on a hdisk basis or VG basis. So mirrored and non-mirrored logical volumes can coexist within a volume group.
If there is mirroring, you can have a closer look at the distribution of the mirrors by issuing
lslv -l [lvname]
with [lvname] being the name of the logical volume, as seen in the first column of the above lsvg -l ...
As I said, mirroring is done in AIX on a logical volume basis. So you can't mirror a 'hard drive', as you wrote in your Q.
smit has a facility to mirror a complete volume group (by means of a smit script).
So if you must re-mirror a volume group,
1) take care that the VG contains enough hdisks to provide the needed space. If necessary, issue 'extendvg [vgname] [hdiskx]', with [vgname] being the name of your VG and [hdiskx] being the name of a free, empty hdisk in your machine.
2) issue 'smit mirrorvg' , fill in the appropriate vgname (select with <F4> if you like). In the following screen, leave 'sync mode' as is, select under 'PHYSICAL VOLUME names' all hdisks of the VG (not only the one to be mirrored upon), set number of copies to two, leave the rest as is and go!
Good luck!
compdigit44Author Commented:
after I restored my volume is mirrored setup by default since the source volume was mirrored?
Normally yes. But simply check with 'lsvg -l rootvg'. It's easy!
compdigit44Author Commented:
thanks again..
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