What is Content I.E.S and where are my files?!!!

I received an Excel spreadsheet file as an attachment in my e-mail.  I accidentally  saved it into a directory folder that appears as the following:

Docs and Settings - Matthew - Local Settings - Temp Internet Files - Content I.E.S. - 8907GB4N

I have done a search and can't locate the file.  I have made sure I have the "no hidden folders" view turned on.  Still nothing! Odd.  Help!

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The proper path IS accessible through normal browsing.  Because it is a hidden system file, you may not see it unless the proper viewing options are chosen.  However, you can always access it by entering the path in the address bar or Explorer or into the Run box.  Use the following path.  Note that the extension is "I" as in indigo, "E" as in Edward, and the number 5.

%USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5
This folder is temporary data... and remains relativily inaccessible through normal browsing. You may be able to open the file thought your recent files menu... and then be able to save it elsewhere.
Allan62Author Commented:
Excellent!  Thanks for the quick response!
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