3G/EDVO Wireless CARD capable IP Camera.

We are in heavy construction business, we do have AXIS 213PTZ camera all over the place to monitor how construction projects are moving along. We recently started a project that has no internet connectivity available in the area (meaning no DSL, Cable, T1). We need to have a camera there to monitor the area. What are we looking for is a IP Camera that would support 3G/EDVO USB/PCMCIA card from either Verizon/Sprint/ATT so we can have live access over WWAN.
Does anyone knows where we can acquire the Camera, any Brand or Model that we can purchase?

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ccosbyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Top Global has some options as well. They look a little more advanced.


Here is another vendor


I don't know of any cameras that support an evdo card but you could always get an evdo router and hook your existing cameras into it. Evdoinfo.com has a bunch of information on setting up the cards in routers.

An evdo router starts at around 200 bucks or so.
moisesperezAuthor Commented:
yes. we are aware of this solution but we need to put outdoor so we are getting an enclosure with a heat and blower. We just though there is a outdoor camera that could take an evdo card
The only other one I know of is this.


It doesn't seem any better then building your own though.
moisesperezAuthor Commented:
thanks! I contacted the for a quote
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