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I am looking into email archiving for exchange.  Due to legal and other reasons (lazines),  we have to keep all emails for at least 7 years.
  I currently have Exchange 2003, but would like something that is compatible also with 2007 and the rumored future 2010 version.  
It will need compression, capibility of being seached by the user while keeping security in mind.
I was wondering if I could get suggestions on what would be one of hte best email archiving program  from a standpoint of experience.( Network System's Administrators) and not a sales standpoint.
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Exchange 2010 isn't a rumour. It exists, entered public beta last week, has been in a private beta for ages. It also has an archiving function.

Tons of options for this on the market. One I have used with some success is GFI Mail Archiver. Sits on its own server using SQL as its backend.

MailStore Server (

It's very easy to use and setup for the admins and for the users (there's a Outllok-Add-In to search for the emails in the MailStore database), it's very cheap in my opinion compared to other solutions and it uses Single Instance Storage as Exchange do, active Directory integration... and...

Just have a look at it :-)

booboo613Author Commented:
I was looking at GFI.  It seesm an all in one solution for user and adminsitrators.
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