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tracking a mobile phone

Its really important for me and my family to locate the area of a specific mobile (but i think there is a problem, because the specific number seems to be ringing at other numbers - that thing was prooved from me twice , because it was answered for sure by people who didnt know anything about anything i told them ). So i dont know if its the right word it was pushed to elsewhere. Maybe its something that the man who owns it does it regularly so that he cant be revealed. I want this to be done correctly - within the law i mean, by a provider who can help me (the mobile phone is Vodafone).

tracking a mobile phone (by triangulation based on the signal strength to nearby signal masts)
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I am sorry, but I believe you will not get the satisfactory anser here.

The issue is that while the GSM company (Vodaphone in your case) knows very accurately where the phone is (GSM phone is almost always connected to three closest so called BTSes (masts) and the trianguation method you mentioned allows them to locate the phone very accurately if needed - up to a circa a hundred feet I believe), unfortunately they will not be willing to share that information with you unless you have a very good legal claim to do so. You would need to call them and talk to their legal department to find what claim that would need to be. A police investivation against that person probably could do the trick I guess.

Of course there is always a chance that the user of the phone was willing to reveal his/her position willingly if only his/her phone supports that. For example, iPhone and gPhones (and more) support sharing your location on-line with friends (there are a few services like that). But judging from your question I doubt that he/she is your frined, even if that person actually _did_ share the location data (which is not very likely).

So - I believe there is no legal way to find what you need, other that talking to Vodaphone, who will probably not want to talk to you unless you approach them with some strong kind of warrant.

I am sorry to disillusion you...

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