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Restore SQL Server 2005 Backup into MSDE

I'm trying to restore a 25Mb Backup from SQL Server 2005 into MSDE for one of my applications.  I'm getting the following errors when trying to restore the backup;
   Msg 3205, Level 16, State 2, Server BASCOMPUTER, Line 1
   Too many backup devices specified for backup or restore; only 64 are allowed.
   Msg 3013, Level 16, State 1, Server BASCOMPUTER, Line 1
   RESTORE DATABASE is terminating abnormally.

Thanks for the help,
3 Solutions
I assume that your MSDE is SQL 2000.
M_a_tAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your input.   My MSDE is in fact SQL 2000.  Is there a way to bypass this error without having to install MSDE SQL 2005?
You cannot restore SQL 2005 database on SQL 2000.  MSDE was the lightest engine from SQL 2000 family.  SQL Express is the equivalent of MSDE in SQL 2005 family.
If you have a problem installing SQL express they you can manually transfer the data to MSDE.  This is not stright forward process.  You would need to:
1.  Create a schema of the database. You can script out all objects of your database in SQL 2005 and then play it in SQL 2000, hopefully the syntax will be compatible.
2.  You would need to turn off all foreign keys.
3.  You would need to copy all the data.  This can be done using DTS, link servers, etc.
4.  Turn on all FKs.
Hopefully, job is done :-)
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Another option is Replication,  I believe you should be able to subsribe your SQL 2000 to the publication.  Explore this way if you have experience of using Replication.  Otherway go with the first option.
Any reason you have to use MSDE as opposed to SQL Express?
M_a_tAuthor Commented:
Finally, I was able to use SQL Express from the distributor of my software and now everything works fine.
M_a_tAuthor Commented:
I was able to use SQL Express with the software after discussing with the distributor of the software that needs SQL.

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