how to increase dropdownlist box width

I'm talking about the Drop-down box's width but the box that appear

ser clicks the drop-down arrow button. Because items in the Drop down list
are a little long, user can't see the full thing when they pull down the
items from the drop down list.

E.g., The Dropdown List Width is 100px, but the contents width is 200px. I
want the contents to shown in full when user click the Drop down box button.

It is easier to do it in Windows Forms' ComboBox, which have DropdownWidth
property. Is there an equivalent property in Web Control Dropdown box?
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wht1986Connect With a Mentor Commented:
True but in IE this will cause the whole control to expand and collapse. This is because in IE it actually uses a windows control for the select element.  In order to accomplish something like the picture below, you have to use a floating div under combobox to display the options. That screenshot is using the RadCombox ( but I think the free control from oBout can do this as well (
with the default controls I believe it is not available. It's one of the reasons I use the telerik control suite. Their RadComboBox can have a dropdown width different than the root control.
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