Can I run HP-UX itanium B.11.23 U ia64 on VMware from a dell 2900 server

# machinfo
CPU info:
   Number of CPUs = 2
   Clock speed = 1300 MHz
   CPUID registers
      vendor information =       "GenuineIntel"
      processor serial number =  0x0000000000000000
      processor version info =   0x000000001f020204
         architecture revision:       0
         processor family:           31   Intel(R) Itanium 2 Family Processors
         processor model:             2   Intel(R) Itanium 2 processor
         processor revision:          2  
         largest CPUID reg:           4
      processor capabilities =   0x0000000000000001
                      implements long branch:  1
   Bus features
      implemented =  0xbdf0000060000000
      selected    =  0x0000000040000000
         Bus Lock Signal masked

Cache info:
   L1 Instruction: size =   16 KB, associativity = 4
   L1 Data:        size =   16 KB, associativity = 4
   L2 Unified:     size =  256 KB, associativity = 8
   L3 Unified:     size = 3072 KB, associativity = 6

Memory = 4085 MB (3.989258 GB)

Firmware info:
   Firmware revision = 03.17
   FP SWA driver revision: 1.18
   IPMI is supported on this system.
   BMC version: v03.47

Platform info:
   model string =          "ia64 hp server rx2620"
   machine id number =     f2a349b3-4d78-11da-86a9-816063020995
   machine serial number = DEH45392B9

OS info:
   sysname  = HP-UX
   nodename = itanium
   release  = B.11.23
   version  = U (unlimited-user license)
   machine  = ia64
   idnumber = 4070787507
   vmunix _release_version:              
@(#) $Revision: vmunix:    B11.23_LR FLAVOR=perf Fri Aug 29 22:35:38 PDT 2003 $
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I highly doubt it as HP-UX only only comes with drivers for the specific hardware that HP sells.  But then again, VMWare might emulate everything it needs.  Searching VMWare's support database indicates it's not supported.  Searching HP's HP-UX support database says it won't work.  A quick google shows people wondering about running old HP-UX for HP-PA on VMWare for x86 which anyone with any knowledge of computers should know won't work.  At least you seem to know that HP-Integrity and Itanium are virtually the same processors (HP-Integrity using the RISC subset of the IA-64 instruction set)..  I don't see anyone documenting an attempt at making it work but if you have the spare time you could try.
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