Cannot find Filemaker Server 9 log file settings - Trying to move them to another drive

I have a FileMaker Server 9 server running Server 2003 Std. that has some log files located in C:\Program Files\FileMaker\FileMaker Server\Admin\admin-master-tomcat\logs. I have gone through every setting in the FileMaker server console, and cannot find a reference to these log files.
The log files in question are:

All of the log files are small, except catalina.YYYY-MM-DD.log which are 20-30MB each. I found numerous posts online about these log files, but all reference Tomcat or Apache; neither of which are installed. Seeing these posts, i naturally disabled all logging settings under 'Configuration - Web Publishing - General Settings - Logging' on the FileMaker Server 9 Console, but it is still logging, and i really want to move the log files, not disable them.
I found a few registry entries that reference the location above, but changing them to a different location has no effect (even after a reboot).
Thanks in advance.
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webwyzsystemsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I believe that tomcat is the backbone for the server application: so we have a mini-web server, and some other stuff to support the admin tool. Consequently, you cannot access the backbone settings for the tool from within the tool. The admin tool is for filemaker server. You need to edit the configuration for the backbone for the admin tool.

If you explore the Admin folders and files in those directory trees, you will see some CONF files. I did a bit of digging and saw some default paths, but they refer to {catalina_base}/logs. You need to find the CONF file which sets those. Explore in the BIN folder, ADMIN folder and any CONF files you see. This isn't well documented unfortunately. You will need to carefully experiment.
Don't forget to save a backup of the conf files before you change anything!  
mhdcommunicationsAuthor Commented:
That's what i thought. I have setup a batch file to delete the log files nightly, just needed confirmation. Thanks.
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