Citrix Default printer keeps changing when logging in externally

We have a problem where our Citrix users (who work internally in CItrix all day long) go home and then login through the Citrix Webpage where their default printer changes and they must reset it everyday when they come back in the office. We have PDF995 on each of our Citrix servers and that is the printer it keeps setting as their default printers.  They are all on roaming profiles so their printer should be saved correctly in their profiles no matter what server they are on.

Is their some Citrix printer policy that must be set in order for these default printer settings to not get overwritten? I have tried enabling the settings for Printer Properties Retention->Retained in user profile only but that didn't make any difference. Any thoughts? We also have set Legacy Client Printers->Create dynamic session-private client printers and Auto-Creation->Auto-create all client printers (I know this isn't the preferred method but the users needed this setting activated).

Any help would be appreciated.
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doboszbAuthor Commented:
I figured out the problem. I had to enable "Session Printers" and the choose "Set default printer to the clients main printer". That did the trick!
I assume you have two Web Interface portals - one External and one Internal? If so have you confirmed that both portals are configured the same when it comes to allowing users to configure printers? [ASC -> Web Interface -> Your site -> Manage Client Connection settings]

Also remember, if the user is using a workstation in the office that say is connected to Printer A as their Default Printer, then they connect at home with say a local HP Deskjet, their printers are going to be saved in their server profile after they logoff at home with the HP as their default printer (and vise-vera in the office). This should be overwritten again when the user logs in. One thing I'd confirm is make sure the user's ICA client is update across the board (at home and in the office) to the latest client to make sure there is no issues with one of these setting the setting correctly while the other is not.

Hope this helps.
doboszbAuthor Commented:
We are using PS4.5 and I don't see an option under each of the Web Interfaces called "Manage Client  Connection Settings". We are managing all printers through the Citrix Policies.

Is there a way to set it up so user mapped printers are not saved to a profile upon logging out?
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