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I am using HP Procurve switches on my network.  I have multiple vlans for data as well as voice.  I am installing a new 8212 core switch and I need to get public internet access from our datacenter on the third floor to a division on our first floor.  What is the best way to get this connection to the location using our infrastructure.  My guess is to use an ACL but I am not really sure where to start.  I need to be sure nobody using this public network has any type of access to our corporate network.  Suggestion or examples would be very helpful.
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if your vlans are routeable, then you need firewall (not acls)
if your switch is not doing any routing between vlans, then you don't need acls also.

unfortunately I don't have any procurves near by to give you an example...
normally I would have several vlans within my network like this:


so internal data and voice are for internal pcs and servers and are terminated at a firewall's internal interface
dmz vlan would contain dmz servers and firewall's dmz interface
external vlan would contain ISP link and firewall's wan interface.

so I would suddenly being asked to provide clear internet to a specific pc, then I would configure one more port in external vlan and plugged that PC into that port.
PtFirstAuthor Commented:
Do you have any example configs for me to look at.  Do you not need any acl to be sure that data cannot pass between the vlans?
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