How do you get a HP P4014 to stop requiring the user to hit the OK button in order to print evelopes on tray 1?

Ok, I'm having an issue with a newer HP LaserJet P4014 printer.  

We have users that are trying to print envelopes on this printer, and they put them in the top tray.  Now the system allows them to print to the envelopes, it's smart enough to know they are there, but the end user always has to walk up to the printer and push the OK button in order for it to print.

Now we thought we had it fixed, because I went into Configure Device > System Setup > Tray Behavior and changed Manually Feed Prompt from Always to Unless Loaded.  This fixed it for a day, but now the next day the printer is behaving "broken" again like it was prior to the settings change.  I'm looking at the configuration page and the Manually feed prompt did not get changed back, so I'm not sure how to get this problem fixed.  The end users claim that it didn't always behave this way.

Here's some other settings
Tray 1 Size: Envelope #10
Tray 1 Type: Any Type
Tray 2 Size: Letter
Tray 2 Type: Any Type

Use Requested Tray: Exclusively
Manually Feed Prompt: Unless Loaded
PS Defer Media: Enabled
Size/Type prompt: Display
Use another Tray: Enabled
Tray 2 Model: Standard Tray
Image Rotation: Alternative

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ITdiamondConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Well it seems to be working today.  I don't know if the sensor is going bad in the Tray 1, where it doesn't always "see" paper there, therefore it prompts, or perhaps it's the envelope stock, or maybe user error.

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