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I have a small problem with the installation of a mail component we use with an inhouse designed app. The server is a terminal server and hosts TS licensing and I'm aware of the best practices when installing on one of these (eg from a console session, install mode turned on etc)

Basically, the app appears to install fine (under Execute mode or Install mode) as I'd expect. The installation dumps it's licence file on the root of C:\. When I switch back to execute mode after the installation, the app won't work as it cannot 'see' the licence file (also the same if the installation is completed under Execute), but when I switch it back to Install mode, the app opens and works fine.
Is it safe to leave the account in install mode and am i right in assuming this change to the account is specific to this machine only?

Hope someone can help :)


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oBdAConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Besides from it switching back to execute mode after a reboot anyway: no, you can NOT let a terminal server run in installation mode.
You need to change your application; the system root is NOT a good place for a license file. This should go, for example, into the program's folder or into %AllUsersProfile%\Application Data\YourprogrameName\license.txt.
the1paulcoleAuthor Commented:
Well, you've answered the question for me, even though it's not quite what I wanted to hear. Unfortunately, the app is out of my control as it's 3rd party. Another server it is then :)
the1paulcoleAuthor Commented:
I've just managed to get around this problem after all and very easily. I renamed the executable to something other than setup.exe and, whilst still in Execute mode, it ran through perfectly and opens up without a problem.
The regular *executable* of the program is actually called "setup.exe" by default? That's the second "not so good" feature of this program.
A terminal server in application mode will monitor the programs started, and try to warn about the install mode if the program is called install.exe or setup.exe.
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