Windows Mobile Calendar/Task Sync with Exchange 2003

We have a Windows Mobile 6.1 user (HTC Touch) who noticed that if he does a snooze on a calendar/task reminder from his laptop, which is connected to the Exchange server, that the snooze does not propagate to his HTC Touch, where he again has to snooze.

Is there a way to have this carry over, should it be by default? He tried to manually sync after the snooze on the laptop, but it still didn't carry over the snooze to the phone.
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Mikal613Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Snoozing a Reminder on a HTC Touch does not remove the checkmark from the reminder which is the only thing that syncs to Outlook.  The Reminders subsystem for HTC Touch runs completely seperate from the reminders subsystem for Outlook.  Also Activesync does not really interact with Outlook directly but infact interacts with the PST file via Outlook.
esmith69Connect With a Mentor Commented:
As far as I know, the snooze cannot sync over to the Exchange server via Exchange ActiveSync.  I believe this is a limitation in Exchange ActiveSync, and definitely not specific to a particular phone model.  My Motorola Q (connected to Exchange with ActiveSync) behaves the same way and I've seen Treo 700w's do the same thing too.
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