Installing Linux without a DVD-ROM drive

Dear EE,
        My goal is as simple as it gets:  I want to install Fedora 8 onto an HP DL560 G1.

       Constraint:  The DL560 has a CD-ROM drive not a DVD-ROM.

My instincts tell me that I should download the DVD version of Fedora 8 and save it on my network fileserver then boot the DL560 using a "LIVE" version of Fedora 8 burned onto a CD.  Then navigate to the DVD version and 'double-click' and presto I'd be done.  

However, then I remember that I'm talking about Linux here and Linux probably won't be able to read files off my NTFS fileserver.  Also, I might not be able to simply "double-click" on the DVD ISO - I might have to mount the ISO on a DVD daemon.  

That's something I've only done in Windows.

Can someone please help a Linux tard install Linux?  :)

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buymycorpAuthor Commented:
I just realized that I can download Fedora on multiple CD's instead of downloading the DVD.  Yes, I feel like a newbie.  I've already kicked-off the torrent  - I should be ready to install in about 5 more hours.  

do yo have 2 linux mechine ??

if yes then

download the DVD  and burn the dvc iso, copy all file into one linux pc ( you will have make that linux  pc as NFS server  )

now create a bootable linux cd, boot your server from that bootable linux cd,

in installation options you will see an options call install linux from  nfs image
select that options, select your path, then download will start from NFS server

its seems easy but you need to configure  NFS server first then have copy all the file from dvd iso
then come back to your linux server (DL560)

i wanted to tell you that why dont you download in multiple CD, but you asked specifically for dvd so i gave you solution for dvd. and it looks like to me some home work..

you should accept my solution because , i answer you according to your question ..
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
You could also do a network install... or several other types of install - see:
buymycorpAuthor Commented:
fosiul01 - you are a master and I respect that.  I appreciate what smart guys like you do here.  However, my one and only constraint was that my server had a CD-ROM not a DVD rom.  You could have easily won the points going with your first instincts and saying 'hey why don't you just donwload the CDs" instead you went with a solution that would require me to have (2) linux systems...a guy that doesn't even know that Linux can be downloaded in CD format - is unlikely to have (2) linux systems.  Furthermore, that same guy that doesn't know that Linux can be downloaded in CD format is super unlikely to know how to set one of the linux boxes as an NFS server.  

I don't feel bad about keep my points on this one.  I solved my own problem for once.  
i know what you meant, but as i said, to me it looks like its  a homework related question, and you want accurate answer because you said, your teacher told you to do ...

thats why i tryed to more specifiq about what you asked

thanks for the points.
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