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I would like to be able to add the product number to the invoice product and quote product forms in CRM 4.0. I see no reason why this cannot be populated automatically when an item is selected during a quote from the lookup feild, but being new to CRM am unsure how to bind a text box to the data, or indeed simply populate it when an product is selected.

What steps should I follow?


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rakeshAgarwalConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I saw that. You can not do it

 You have to either  write

1. Plug in using SDk
2. JavaScript --> calls another page ---> fill the value  again a sdk

You can not do this in a simple way. Some time simple requirements in crm  also  has to be done using sdk.  I know this is frustrating for Developers from different field. But looking at the platform and adaptability. Dynamics CRm makes  a sense

Rakesh Agarwal
You can write a work flow.

1. go to settings
2. Workflow
3. Craeate a new workflow

In this workflow  you can say start when record attribute changes

Add step update record

click on set propertie buton
select the field
From look for select  entity

Click Add button
and then ok  button

publish work flow

test  it


Dave_Angel_PortsmouthAuthor Commented:
Thanks for that.

However, when i create a work flow i am unable to update anything on the quote\invoice product entity. I can update the quote\invoice itself, but not the products attached to it
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