Flash based image viewer

I need to create a very basic web image viewer. No bells and whistles, simply click on the thumbnail and the image is displayed in the middle of the page. Image source needs to be dynamic as well. I'm really just looking for a good place to start and so far I've been unable to find any source materials to work with.

See this page for a pretty spot-on example of what I need:
You have to scroll down a ways before the images start to load in flash viewer.
NOTE: Some of the content on the linked example is a bit adult based (not quite X, but definitely not PG), FYI.
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Jason ThompsonSenior UX DesignerCommented:
Actually, the image viewer on that site is JavaScript, not Flash.  And it looks like they got it from here:


Will that work?
matrixnetworksAuthor Commented:
Wow, perfect. That was much easier than I expected.
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