Creating a index pages for a ebook (its in pdf format)

We have created a book of 600 pages[in pdf format], now we need to create index pages. what is the easy way of creating index pages ...any open source tool other than adobe acrobat for this job?

Googling regarding this problem lead us to swish-e []...but here nothing is clear about howto index a pdf ...
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Amila HendahewaConnect With a Mentor Lead ConsultantCommented:
i dont know whether this helps you. But in PDF you can create a full text index using which uses can search for key words.
advaned -> document processing ->  fullt text index with catalog
Amila HendahewaLead ConsultantCommented:
can you explain the exact requirement?
You have a searchable PDF, so why do you need an index page. You can search for any word using full text search isnt it?
proman121Author Commented:

Thanks for responding to my query.

This pdf is going to be marketed as a 'ebook'... like any conventional print book (all print books consist of index section)... we intend to have a index section in this ebook also.

This index will consist of all the keywords used in each and every page of the ebook.

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