Unable to delete recurring appointment in Outlook

I have just completed a migration from GroupWise 7.0.3 to Exchange 2003 and then Exchange 2008 using quest tools. Scheduling works great for anything new, the problem I am having is for migrated  recurring appointments where the creator of the appointment is not able to delete the series, when the user tries to delete the occurrence, there is no prompt for delete this item or delete the series and therefore this action has to be taken for every week that appointment was scheduled for which is indefinite and recurring weekly so you can see how this can be a problem.

So far, I have tried the following:

1-      Change the reoccurrence to 1 and save or the expiration to the following week but I get an error that the range is not acceptable
2-      I tried deleting the appointment but I am successful at deleting the single occurrence

Any thoughts!

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Can you change the end date to today? Then you will have no further notice.
Try start -> run -> outlook /cleanreminders or /cleanfreebusy
Rajae Al NajjarNetwork And Systems AdministratorCommented:

try to create new profile and move everything else the appoitnment.

guruconsultAuthor Commented:
FearNoMore's solution worked perfectly. I installed the tool, opened the user's mailbox, went to calendar where i sorted by calendar item title and was able to delete them.

thank you very much
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