How to restrict a single user from sending email to all distribution lists?

There's an option in Exchange 2007 under Delivery Options labeled Recipients Limits.  Then it gives an option to select the Maximum recipients and a value box.  Would selecting this option restrict a single user from sending emails to all distribution lists?  If not, How can I restrict a single user from sending email to all distribution lists?
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MesthaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Exchange operates on the "All except" model, so you would have to add the user to the restrictions on the every group. I don't think transport rules will block it for you.

The user limit enforcement in Exchange 207 was changed, a group is considered to be a single recipient for recipient limitations. Therefore setting a recipient limit on that user will not stop them from sending to groups.

Rajae Al NajjarConnect With a Mentor Network And Systems AdministratorCommented:

follow up these steps:

- Go to Active directory of your exchange server and go to  any distribution list group and right click on it and go to properties and go to Exchange general and go to last choice  From everyone except 
after that you can add single user or mor than user.
That's all....
silviomelAuthor Commented:
I would think their must be some Exchange Management Power Shell Script that could automate this process.
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