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3D Modelling Software for Biomed

Hi there everyone,

I'm doing some research where I'll have MRI or CT scan data from various body parts, including a heart, eyeball, and liver. I'd like to create a 3D model of these organs. That's not really a difficult task for me. What I would like to do though, is to take 2D cross-sectional images from my scan data, create 3D poly meshes from it (with thickness/volume, not flat 2D meshes in 3d space), and then place the 3D mesh inside my model. I'm aware that I will have to "curve" the mesh to fit inside the model.

Another useful feature would be being able to export the model to a 3D voxel-based format (from the 3D poly format of the program) so I can do additional filtering, histogram analysis, etc, in MATLAB.

So far, I've checked out the following:

SolidWorks may not have a suitable API for this, AnSys may not have a simple enough interface for creating the normalized 3d vector model, and 3dSMAX seems to be only for design, not for data registration.

Thank you all in advance,
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See if this doc will be helpful:
Check also volvec (Volume Visualization) demo in Matlab.
dogbertiusAuthor Commented:
I've used those back in school, but it won't do. I actually need to create a "standardized" 3d polygon-based model of the organ under inspection, then use the acquired data to create volumetric meshes. I'm only able to get scan data from a single point of view (eg: for an MRI, that would mean I only have coronal scan data, but not axial or saggital)

Thanks though.
dogbertiusAuthor Commented:
Well, no such luck. Considering the complexity of the work involved, I'll have to go with MATLAB and design some of my own routines. Thanks anyways.

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