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Exchange Domino Connector

This is similar to an issue that dirkvdo had, but different. We have an Exchange 2007 server and a Domino 7.02 server in the same domain. Email sent between the two works just fine. However, when a Notes user sends a message to an Exchange user with other Notes users addresses in any field, then all the addressed users get the message correctly. When the Exchange user Replies to all, then the messages for the other Notes users bounce. The addresses of the Notes users appear in the Exhange reply as <username>/<domino domain>@<sharednamespace> which is how they show up in the eMail Address column of the People view in the Domino Directory. As noted we use SMTP for routing not the connector. The connector is just used to populate directories.

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3 Solutions
is the Internet address populated correctly wit an SMTP address for all users in Domino.

That is the address that should be used.

also check the SMTP conversion for names, and see if it is OK.

Name conversion may not be taking place due to issues such as Domino is in the same Domain as Exchange.

You may need to force the User option to send via SMTP all mail ( not just Internet mail )

I hope this helps !
broorolAuthor Commented:
Yes, the person documents in the Domino directory have the correct smtp (internet) address. Sorry forgive my ignorance, I'm not sure what you mean by check the SMTP conversion for names?  Do you mean th outbound configuration in Domino?  It is set per the MS Transporter Suite documentation. The thing is that this was all working fine until a few hours ago. I have no idea what changed.

Forcing the clients to send via SMTP is my least desireable option at this point since we'd have to change the clients.
You've used the transporter suite connector to populate your AD with Notes users, you say, so the Notes users should be presented as mail-enabled contacts in AD. Do these contacts have the correct Notes and SMTP addresses? Do they show up properly in your Exchange GAL?

broorolAuthor Commented:
Yes the Notes users are mail enabled contacts in the Exchange GAL and they do have the correct Notes and SMTP addresses.

The issue appears to be Domino related for which I've applied a work-around. For some reason the internet addresses in the Domino person documents are no longer being recognized by Domino when sending out smtp mail. Since Domino cannot "see" the internet address in the person document it is using the Global Domain document to construct return SMTP addresses for outbound mail. I've changed the Global Domain configuration document to construct the SMTP address without the Domino domains.

Now to figure out why Domino is not recognizing that there is an internet address in the person documents.

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