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I am looking for a external usb hard drive that plays movies/music and pictures to my TV using hdmi or hd inputs and has a menu to go with it. i have seen ones on ebay but i am skeptical.  I want to be able to play all formats inlcuding .mkv formats as well.  it has to be at least a 1tb hard drive.
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zemp1212Connect With a Mentor Commented:
that is good legit freeware.
and yeah it will convert a .mkv copy of a blue ray to vob.
(it does not rip a physical disk though, incase we are getting crossed up) You have to have the .mkv on your computer.
It's just a suggestion, but i use something different at home.

I have all my video's on my computer and they are in lan, also i am in the posession of an xbox 360 and a wii.

Also the ps3 is compactable with this ;)

You can stream video's from your computer to your console with tversity.

Tversity supports all codexes you can play with your computer, also i am able to play subtitles with some minor tweaking.

Also, you can play pictures, music, video's without keeping them seperate.

I once bought a multimedia center, but actually it was totally crap...
So i'm not doing that anymore, because i have found a good alternative!
here is a decent one with HDMI suppoer at a good price.
no .mkv support, however it will do straight vob.
Here is one on overstock that is sold out, but should give you a good reference poitn to not have to go overseas on ebay.
does support mkv.
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scripttron75Author Commented:
Nico juicy thanks for that i do have a xbox 360 but it is not connected to my main tv i want to be able to take it with me on the fly and hook it up to other tvs.  I also want to be able to play all formats such as backed up blue ray such as .mkv but without spending a lot of money
scripttron75Author Commented:
zemp1212 since it does not support .mkv is .vob the same i know most support all formats but preferably i want blue ray
scripttron75Author Commented:
can you please follow up with my posts
Hey script...sorry its been crazy busy.
Yeah My PS3 does not have .mkv support so i convert (easy convert to do) to VOB and the PS3 will read that and it plays 1080p. so if you have a digital copy in .mkv and con vert to VOB and play from there you will get the full use of HD and HDMI.
if thats what you were asking.
also the second link I put up there is a brand of Iomega that does support .mkv.
scripttron75Author Commented:
yes thanks what program can i use to convert .mkv (blueray) to vob?
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