looking for recomendations on building out a backup exchange server

we are currently running 1 exchange server 2003 instance in SiteA which is behind a firewall, on a local domain, it uses a pop3 downloader to download the email to the server to then pass it along to the users. we have local users who use outlook, remote users who use outlook with vpn, and remote users who use owa

i am looking to add another server to a remote location to give either everyone a backup when the first one goes down, or provide some sort of load balancing option in place

any recommendations on how i can proceed with this

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MesthaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
DoubleTake, NeverFail, something like that is about your only option. There is nothing in Exchange 2003 native to allow data replication to another site.

abhaighConnect With a Mentor Commented:
WANSyncHA is another product that will let you accomplish what you want
funnymanmikeAuthor Commented:
Thanks everyone

i think i will just move the server to a colo, setup http over rcp, and remove the pop downloader in favor of standard mx records.
funnymanmikeAuthor Commented:
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