Specify Exchange & SQL backup order in Arcserve

We currently have CA ArcServe 11.5r3 with the Exchange and MS SQL agents. Is there a way to specify the backup and/or restore order of our SQL databases and Exchange storage groups? Currently it looks like both are backed up, and thus restored, in alphabetical order.

We're preparing a migration to Exchange 2007 & SQL 2008 on new servers, and don't exactly like the idea of having to prepend numbers or letters to our Exchange storage groups and databases in order to "force" a backup and restore order to our priority data.

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If you want change the source priority to backup Exchange or SQL DB 1st or any other sessions like C Dirve/D Drive, then you need to change the source priority at the dialog box where you will submit the backup job.

It is not possible to change the Restore priority. The best way you can go about is to restore the sessions one by one using different restore jobs.
There is no way that we can change the source priority if they are a part of same node. possible way would be to select the volumes from network and sql platter by adding the machine to windows systems category. If you are getting the Exchange Organization category, it will list the Exchnage servers in the environment, select the Exchange platter from here.

Thsi was you are backing the data from same node by selecting them under 3 different categories, this helps in changing the source priority.

currentlu no option available to change the Restore Priority.
DPS_ITAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the thoughts Ashwin. Sometimes it's just looking at things in a different perspective. I had forgotten about submitting multiple individual restore jobs in the order of priority I wanted.
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