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The scenario is as follows:
Site A is a small site maybe 5 workstations all on the subnet. All workstations have a common gateway ( this gateway is the cable modem of the ISP. The isp routes all traffic other that local traffic to another site...Site B
Site B is a larger site maybe 50 stations all running on the subnet. Beetween the 2 site there is a vpn connection as stated above. Users at site A need to access rescouces at site B and that is all ok.

When it comes to internet they used to use an ADSL connection at Site. This ADSL connection had a local address ( that was using NAT with a public addess on the outer part. When users from SITE A need the internet the VPN is set up to point them to

We are migrating to another ISP that provides CABLE internet. The cable connection is going to give me a STATIC public IP address on the inside. So I will have a router/server with an interace that has a public IP. The cable connection will be installed at SITE B.

What I am asking is what routing device will work best for this setup? Will i need a device with 3 interfaces?1 for the VPN, 1 for the SITE B and 1 for the public intenet or just 2?
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Faruk Onder YerliOwnerCommented:
in your scenerio, Basicly you will change ADSL router to cable router. If ADSL router has ethernet WAN port, you may use this port and you dont need any more equipment. If not you may use Cisco 881 ethernet router on cable connection. it will solve all routing problems in your network.
jwirth779Author Commented:
i managed to use a single cheap and cheerful cable router for this thanks....
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