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Hi all

Im after a flyout vertical css menu, that will sit down the left hand side of my page.  the problem is that the root content of it is quite long so as you get to the bottom items the children are displayed below the bottom of the browser.

ive found a few that stu nichols has done and they look great apart from that the children always go below the parent you can see an example here


i want my children halfway down to instead going down go up

has any one got any clues or an example would be great

sorry there is only 35 points on offer its all i have left, and as my tight t*** of a boss wont pay for any and its for him i dont really want to buy any myself
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sealviewConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The child menu refer to the parent's position, so the second UL tag position should be changed from the present position to the one of its height with minus (-).

If you can post your CSS code handling the UL tags I will show what and how to change!
andrew67Author Commented:
your right ive had a look and what you said makes complete sence

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