How set up an McAfee EPO Server Infrastructure

Hi there, we just purchased the VirusScan and EPO Server and we do the following:

1. Install where where were necessary the VirusScan on specific severs;
2. Later I install the EPO Server on a server and, as a beginner, I look over all the available options and found interessing fuctions in the EPO agent. I install the EPO agent and try to enforce the policies that I set up.
   2.1. All workstations and servers are identified in Systems.

I would like to deploy EPO agents and VirusScan clients throughout the network and operate EPO Server as a administrator in fact.
All help are welcome!

Thank you.

PS: Isn't help you say me to googling because I already did it but I found only Mcafee online classes offerings.
PS2: I browse over pages 2 and 3 on Google's results and nothing too.
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You need to read this manual here, it will give you a good basic understanding of how it all works and how to implement it

Basically, once you've got it installed, you deploy the ePO agents to the machines and then you create a Product Deployment task to deploy the packages out to the clients

If you have any questions, then we are here for them


MarcopolloAuthor Commented:
Ok. Every walk begins with a single step.
The points are yours!

Thank you.
Hi Marco, thanks for that

let me know if you need anything else, and we'll walk you through it

MarcopolloAuthor Commented:
Ok, I not can review yet the document, but it's printed like a book.
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