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Attachments being stripped from incoming emails

We are having incoming attachments being stripped from one specific company and only to a few people in the office. I had this company send an email with some attachments to myself and two other people in my office and I am the only one who got the email with attachments intact. I have full admin rights as well. I forwarded the same email to the other two colleagues and that's the only time they've had attachments.

We are running Exchange 2003, Server 2003, Watchguard Firewall 10.2.3
3 Solutions
What type of attachment were they? Exchange could be filtering them out.

cbogganAuthor Commented:
Different types, PDF, XLS, DOC. I get the attachments though. Why would a few people not be getting them but I do? I by no means am fluent in Exchange. I can move around but...
Christian de BellefeuilleProgrammerCommented:
Is it really stripped or Outlook is telling them that for some security purpose, they won't be able to access the file attached?  Because there's some registries tricks to disable this protection from outlook.

But just like ComputerTechie, i suspect that it have been filtered.

They could try to send the same kind of file to an outside (hotmail for example) email to see if the file is sent or not.  This way you would be fixed.
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cbogganAuthor Commented:
Well there is nothing in the attached area like there would if Outlook was doing it and leaving some text file behind letting you know. It looks as though the emails never had attachments...even though I know they do.

If Exchange is filtering is the reason I am receiving them is because of having full admin rights?

If this is true...how to correct the issue?
Vince GlissonCommented:
Do you have Exchange Server 2003 SP2 installed on this box?
The Intelligent Message Filter v2 is included with SP2...
Are you using the IMF?
For the watchGuard you would need to login and see what policies have been set up to handle mail...
cbogganAuthor Commented:
Server 2003 R2...SP2

If we are running IMF I could not tell you.
cbogganAuthor Commented:
Ok I found the IMF in the ESM and changed "When blocking message" to No Action. I will see what  happens from here. Thanks for the direction.

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