Change the subject of an email in Exchange 2003

We're starting a new service at our company..basically going to be a 24/7 desk that will be staffed by a rotating people.

However, they won't actually be in the office..instead this will be after hours mainly when they are at home etc etc..

We set up a dedicated email something like:

I then have that setup to forward any emails sent to that address to be forwarded to our sales team, but what I really need to do, is let them know that an email came from this 24/7 email address.

So if someone sends and email to email gets forwarded to say I would like to modify the subject of that email to say something like:

AOG REQUEST: <original subject here>

That way whoever is on call that night will know that they need to check that email.

Any suggestions as to the best way to accomplish this?

This is an Exchange 2003 environment with a Barracuda Spam Firewall 200 filtering inbound emails.

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In Exchange 2007 you can use a transport rule to accomplish this.
However in Exchange 2003, you would need to setup a client side rule
So emails coming into outlook client for will fire an Outlook rule and then forward the email
Browse through the different options you get when you use "Rules and Alerts" in Outlook and select one appropriate...such as "New Item Alert" for example.
One method is to create a rule that will modify the subject of the message in outlook with a condition when to=
Unfortunatelly you need to do that on all impacted computers and it didn't works for OWA.

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themightydudeAuthor Commented:
So the only way to make this happen is to have a computer setup 24/7 that will be running outlook so that we can accomplish that?
Yes....on Exchange 2003 it is one way and THE simple way rather than making use of ay third party softwares or custom sinks at the store level
We could not automatically get subject changed by Exchange 2003 server but if you know any script, then scripts can make change the subject automatically.
themightydudeAuthor Commented:
Anyone maybe have any sites that might have a script that I can test..or maybe at least an example that I can modify?

I have a test environment that I can use to see if it will work or not before making the changes live.
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